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How Moisturiser Withdrawal help Topical Steroids/Protopic Withdrawal

Moisturiser Withdrawal means withdrawing from the act of moisturising.Moisturiser Withdrawal (MW) mean more than just quitting Vaseline. MW means withdrawing from the act of moisturising. The list of MW don'ts also includes: no makeup, no sunscreen, no Tubifast, no long bathing and even limitation of drinking water (max. 1000 - 1500ml/day)*¹. Depending on your condition, you can fine-tune the MW method : zinc ointment can be good, rough gauze can be used to protect skin*¹. 

"MW is usually mandatory in the healing process of TSW/PW", say some TSW doctors. They aren't being paranoid about the chemical components in skincare products. They are just convinced that moisturising delays healing during TSW/PW.

Their confidence in the indispensability of MW appears to come from their day-to-day experience rather than clinical hypothesis. For example, Dr. Kenji Sato, a strong advocate of MW, reminisces of the time when he discovered the positive effects of MW while treating his …

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