Updated review on Dr. Fukaya's hyaluronic lotion

This is a follow-up review on Dr. Fukaya's Skin Repair Lotion (as requested by Liz).

I've been using this lotion since April 2013, and have been very happy with the results.

No filter, no makeup. 
My skin is a lot thicker, the skin tone is more consistent - generally healthier! 
Dr. Fukaya's lotion is the only skincare product I've been using for my skin - I use it twice a day, or sometimes just once. I buy a big bottle (150ml) as it works out cheaper, but also have a small one (30ml) ready for travel.

What I'm also happy about is that it doesn't seem to interfere with my moisturiser withdrawal. I don't have any drying-up feeling after shower even when I skip the lotion. My skin seems pretty happy on its own.

I have been having seb derm in recent years (you see a tiny patch under my right eye) but the lotion doesn't exacerbate or irritate it. I've been finding it nice and safe on my skin.

If you are interested, you can find more about the lotion on the official Dr. Fukaya's online shop http://drfukaya.ocnk.net/

That's all folks!


  1. Hi Tommy,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with using Dr Fukaya's skin lotion with us! I have a question - do you also use the lotion around your eyes? I checked Dr Fukaya's website and there wasn't anything about specifically using around the eyes so wondered if you had any experience with this.
    I have previously ordered the lotion, but didn't persist with it, but having seen your post, I will give it another go!
    Manpreet x

    1. Hi Manpreet,

      Yes I use the lotion around my eyes too, as you can see I used to have bad skin atrophy there. Dr. Fukaya's website says that you can use the lotion on any part. x

    2. Yes, I noticed the skin around your eyes looked good! Thanks Tommy x

  2. you look amazing! You have very beautiful skin now, I'm so happy for you!


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