TSW docs start a new project in Japan

While catching up with Dr. Fukaya's blog posts, I found about the new project TSW docs started this year in Japan.  It's good news and I thought that I'd share!

On 1st January 2015, six TSW docs initiated the project to clinically observe and evaluate the progress of TSW over 6 months.  So far, there are 8 clinical institutions participating across Japan.  They are going to check how your eczema changes over 6 months during TSW as well as redness and skin atrophy.
a leaflet for the clinical assessment

Dr. Fukaya says
that they are hoping to see 200 patients over a year and get more docs and clinical institutions involved in the assessment.  The results will be published in journal.  The assessment is registered with Clinical Trials Registry and funded by the docs themselves (no commercial, third-party funds involved).

Here is the list of the participating docs and clinics/hospitals, in case you're wondering:

 Dr. Mototsugu Fukaya (Tsurumai Koen Clinic - City: Nagoya)
 Dr. Mitsuko Sato (Sato Shonika - City: Osaka)
 Dr. Kenji Sato & Dr. Takahiro Yamada (Hannan Chuo Hospital - City: Osaka)
 Dr. Hajime Kimata (Kimata Hajime Clinic - City: Osaka)
 Dr. Shigeki Fujisawa (Fujisawa Hifuka - City: Tokyo)
 Dr. Haruhiko Dozono (Dozono Medical House - City: Kagoshima)
 Dr. Jun Yoshizawa (Yoshizaka Hifuka - City: Kanagawa)
 Dr. Satoko Minaguchi (Ageo Futatsumiya Clinic - City: Saitama)

I admire their efforts and dedication to start this project, and it's wonderful to see the TSW docs are all united to work towards the same direction.
(You can also see a lovely picture of the six TSW docs on Dr. Fukaya's blog: here)

I personally think that one of the hardest things you face during TSW is the feeling of not knowing what you're doing is right - which comes from the lack of the clinical evidences that shows that TSW is a valid, working method. I cannot wait to see the results!

Wishing everyone happy healing.



  1. Brilliant news Tommy. These doctors really are like superheroes to me. I wish the western docs would follow suit.

    Thanks for sharing. X

  2. I would like to follow your blog. How do I do this? I couldn't find a "follow" link.
    Thank you!

  3. Hi! Good news! Are they still looking for patients?

  4. This is really interesting to hear! Thanks for sharing. :)


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