Quick update

Just a quick update for myself.

My skin has been okay.  The only thing is that over the last few weeks I've been itching my face and can actually see some red patches.  I suspect that it is no longer the withdrawal reaction, but Seb Derm.

Compared to the same time last year, the general condition of my skin is better.  But, as the last few years confirmed, my skin gets worse during winter and better in spring/summer.  The same thing seems happening this year too.
It's hard to generalise my current skin condition, as it changes everyday (sometimes every hour!). 

 19/01/2015 (today)
20/01/2014 (last year)

I've been feeling that I should probably re-think my skin tactics as now I've got a different problem, Seb Derm.  Not sure how to tackle this yet, but hopefully I'll find out...

Hope 2015 will be a better year for everyone.