Month 36

It's been 3 months since my last post. I'm nearly 36 months into my last TSW.
The past 3 months have flown away so quickly, I only now noticed that I got some comments and questions from my dear readers (I will reply very soon!).

Some of the comments were about how I'm doing now.
Well, I've been doing well!  I still have dry patches on my face, but it's not red anymore.
And, I think that it doesn't stand out.  My life is all back to normal!
I took a quick pic on my iPhone to give you some ideas on how my skin looks like at the moment.

I'm not good at taking a selfie...
Another good news is that the article by the all-star TSW docs from Japan is now published and is free to download.  I would recommend to take a look, as they explain the very basic of TSA in an easy to understand way.

It's written by Dr. Mototsugu Fukaya, Dr. Kenji Sato, Dr. Mitsuko Sato, Dr. Hajime Kimata, Dr. Shigeki Fujisawa, Dr. Haruhiko Dozono, Dr. Jun Yoshizawa, and Dr. Satoko Minaguchi.
I'm thankful to those doctors raising awareness of Topical Steroid Addiction.

It's getting a bit chilly in the UK these days and I hope this winter isn't going to be too hard on us!

Wishing everyone a steady healing.



  1. Thanks so much Tommy and it's so great that the all stars have written a book! I look forward to reading it. Another weapon in our TSW arsenal.

    Thank you for all you do and it's great to see your skin looking so good too,

    1. Hi Louise, thanks for your comment, I was just reading your wonderful blog and thinking of you! I'm glad that your flare came right down. Your skin looks beautiful. I sometimes get strange quick flares as well, but they don't seem to last long.

      Thank YOU for all your efforts and kind thoughts, my TSW would've been a more lonely journey without a friend like you. x

  2. Thank you, Tommy, for all the work you are putting into spreading awareness of TSW! I have added your blog to my blogroll.
    Wishing you well and continued healing,

    1. Hi Rosemarie, thank you for your comment and sharing the blog. I'm glad your little boy's skin is healing steadily! x


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