Consultations with Dr. Kenji Sato

I've been receiving some questions regarding visiting Dr. Kenji Sato.
I forwarded the questions to him and he kindly gave me a response.

"Currently, because of time constraints and my English ability, it is difficult to consult with patients from overseas via emails or telephone.  I think, however, consultations in person would be possible.

I would only be able to see one patient each month on Wednesday for an hour (at Hannan Chuo Hospital in Osaka).  I would like to have the summary of a patient's skin history and any questions they may have in advance, so that we can spend the time efficiently.  If a patient can provide me with some pictures of their skin, that would be helpful too."

Dr. Sato added that he has little experience examining patients from overseas, so he may need some time to get used to it. 

The address of Hannan Chuo Hospital
3-3-28 Minami Shin Machi, Matsubara, Osaka 580-0023 Japan
(The closest station is Nunose Station on Kintetsu Minami Osaka Line)



+81 72-333-2100

Hope this helps.



  1. Dear Tommy! How are you doing?
    Thank you very much for this information! Its so great and kind of you that you contacted and asked Dr. Sato. Thank you again!

    1. Hi Minnie-Cat, I'm glad you found it useful :) You're welcome x

  2. Hi Tommy, glad to hear that you are going strong! You mentioned that Dr Sato only one patient each month?? Does it mean I have to wait really long to meet him? Thank you.

    1. Hello there! I'd say it shouldn't take long to see him. When I was given his consultation policy (this blog article) in 2014, he meant that he would see only one "non Japanese-speaking" patient per month. This was because he intended to give more consultation time to English-speaking patients to make sure there'd be no language barrier. I don't know if he changed his policy since then, but he appears pretty welcoming to patients from all over the world. x

    2. Thank you for your reply :-) I have sent him an email 4 days ago and I haven't received a reply. I'm so panicky and worried now, I want to fly to Osaka now hahah! Just wondering, how Long did he usually take to reply to your email last time?

    3. Hmm I thought he's usually quick to respond, but I'm not sure if it's Dr. Sato himself or his secretary who's in charge of emails... They may be taking time translating & scheduling, if you don't hear anything in a week maybe send another one? x


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