Month 19

Just a quick update on my progress.

Generally good condition - had some minor flares around my chin and eyebrows which are now slowly going away I think. 

My arm & hand still completely healed, no sign of eczema coming back.

My husband rated that I'm 85% healed. I don't feel any inconvenience in my daily life these days - sleeping, eating and working well.

Just one thing though, I'm still having some sticky discharge from my eyes. I have this problem every time I'm in rebound periods and I know from my experience as long as I have it I'm not yet completely healed. The amount of discharge reduced a lot, so I feel more capable of it - it used to be like I couldn't open my eyes because of it. I think it will go away naturally, so let's see.

Well, that's is for now.


  1. wow! I‘m happy for you! your skin look great now =)

    1. Thank you Itchy Mitchy! Yeah finally I'm seeing big differences on my skin. Still not 100% healed but hopefully it will be soon. I saw your post, you will be a tough mum after going through TSW! Let's stay hopeful x


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