Month 18

The spring has finally come to London!

A change of seasons usually brings me either deterioration or improvement on skin. I have a feeling this spring is the latter!

I am now 18 months into my topical steroid withdrawal.
A lot LESS scaling, peeling, dryness and redness, and absolutely NO swelling and oozing!
It used to be like I can find my flakes everywhere in my flat, but I haven't seen them recently.
People told me that my skin looked much better than last year. In fact, I'm feeling so much better compared to last spring. I'm definitely few steps closer to my full recovery!

My chin, below eyes and neck areas are still the worst parts, although these are also healing gradually. My skin has been pigmented, but still better than crusted bleeding skin. Occasionally cold sores come up on random parts of my face, yet they'll be gone naturally. My skin feels a lot softer and I can definitely say that I am healing steadily.

I'm still holding off any make-up. I think I'm not quite well enough to put any chemicals on my skin yet. Also I started using moisturisers since mid-April, because Dr.Fukaya released his Hyalu-Protect skin lotion (see the translation of Dr. Fukaya's post on Hyaluronic Acid). I was quite comfortable not using any moisturisers but his skin lotion is supposed to be good for skin atrophy and wrinkles, so I'm testing on myself at the moment.
My face (05/05/2013)
My neck (05/05/2013)
I forgot to take pics of my arms and wrist but they are completely healed.

I hope everyone heals better this spring.


  1. Hi Tommy - Thank you for your blog and pictures. I just discovered the itsan site and your blog. I am only 7 days topical steroid free so I have a long ways to go. I was wondering where you got the Hyalu-Protect skin lotion. I looked online and didn't see anywhere to get it. Have you seen benefits from using it?

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks for your comment:) The Hyalu-Protect skin lotion is sold online but currently they only dispatch to Japan. Here's the website (only in Japanese)
      I think it's working well for me. It doesn't irritate my skin and I think it reduced my wrinkles. I will update you on my blog when it becomes available outside Japan:) Most people find Topical Steroid withdrawal difficult and agonising, but I really hope you get through it! From my experience, the quickest you complete the withdrawal process is 3 months. If you have questions you can always post here and I will answer to the best of my knowledge. I wish you the very best:)

  2. Thank you for your reply. Its good to see you so far along. I unfortunately used steroids for over 30 plus years so I definitely have a long ways to go. But blogs like yours give me hope.


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