How did it heal?

Looking back the healing process of my arms, there are few things I noticed.

My arms had a lot of bumpy patches and oozing early last year. I didn't do anything to them. I didn't use any ointment, anti-itch tablet, or even moisturisers. I didn't change my diet. I didn't hold my scratches. I just let it be and scratched when it's itchy - and healed. (You can see my progress pictures on my last post)

It's like my skin needed deterioration in order to heal.

I remember that there were occasional crazy itchy periods. I scratched my arms as much as I wanted. Strangely, after a while the skin condition became a little better. Well, to be precise my skin got temporarily worse by scratching, but over a month it was better than before. I repeated this process a number of times and eventually the skin bumps became smaller and smaller, and finally disappeared.  To me, it almost felt like that scratching helped to get rid of something under my skin that created my bumps and rashes.

Because of this experience, I don't really try to hold scratching. I scratch when it's itchy. I know it'll still heal no matter how much I scratch without leaving a scar. And this was always true over my past 6 years. Many doctors say that the problem of eczema is scratching. But, what if scratching is a normal body reaction to other problems - more fundamental problems that causes eczema?


  1. Can we get an update on your progress?

    1. Hi Maximus, here is the update.


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