Month 9

My 9th month. There are some improvements but so subtle that maybe only I can notice. 
The pictures may look disturbing for some people (and that is a normal reaction), so please don't look or enlarge them unless you want to.


Wait, does it look worse now? You may think. Actually, between 21/05/2012 and 08/07/2012, there was non-stop oozing. I should've taken a pic of it for comparison. My arm looks much better than before, it no longer oozes. There were some bumps and raised bits in May. These are mostly gone.


My neck shows some improvements too. Back in May, there are cuts which 80% of them are now gone. It looks very dry, but when I touch it the skin is quite supple. Now I can move my neck without tightness or pain. Still need a lot more improvement though.


In May, my face was covered with flakes, bleeding and there was a minor infection too. Now there are still flakes coming off non-stop, but I think it healed a bit. Still far from my normal skin. Need more improvement. But my skin definitely got softer compared to last December. In April, I stopped using lip creams too which I was using since I was 6 years old. My lips became so terrible after the withdrawal that I couldn't eat. But now they are relatively okay. 


Umm my ear looks worse? Actually, it just looks dry. It became a little better too. I was having terrible ooze from my ears as you can see a little in the June pic, but now the amount reduced. My problem with ooze from ears is that when I lay in bed, it becomes the worst. It felt so horrible that I couldn't sleep (I cannot sleep for many other reasons too). So I put a lot of pillows between the bed and me creating a slope, so that I can make a more upright posture. It worked okay although I always woke up buried in the sea of pillows. Now with less ooze, I don't need a slope of pillows. 

Well, I need a lot more improvements on my skin, but I am relieved to see that there are some positive differences. The improvements are so slow...