I've had phototherapy for the first time on 8th May. I take it 3 times a week. Phototherapy was very different from any other treatment I've had before - you stand naked in the machine of 360-degree fluorescent light tubes inside. People say it's similar to a tanning booth. According to the result of my skin test, I am sensitive to lights. I started from low level for 21sec. It then increased to 23sec on the second appointment, and 27sec on the third one.

Sadly though, after my third treatment I developed some cold sore near my eye and the strange infection on my chin. So I had to stop it for a while. I am currently taking Ciprofloxacin 250mg. The infections eemed to have calmed down, but I now feel anxious about going back to the treatment. (I was getting claustrophobic as well.)

There is another thing I started recently - eating more meat. I read Dr. Kenji Sato's book on TSW where he mentioned that people during topical steroids withdrawal have tendency of Hypoproteinemia (lack of protein). So, I simply started having more meat and soon noticed that my condition has changed a little. There is less bleeding and wounds seems to heal a bit quicker than before. Still a lot of flakes and same amount of oozing, but I am interested where this goes so I will continue my new diet.


  1. Hi Tommy, how did you find out about Red Skin Syndrome? Are you a part of the ITSAN (International Topical Steroid Addiction Network) group online? We are a big internet support group over 150 members all going through Topical Steroid Addiction/Red Skin Syndrome. Idk if you are already a member, just asking because I haven't seen you on there. You can visit to learn more, and you can connect to the forum through the website. My blog is and many other steroid withdrawal blogs are listed on my blog. I am 14 months in and I am much better, but still not healed. Hang in there Tommy! -Rochelle

    1. Hello Rochelle, thank you for your comment. I never heard of ITSAN so I had a look and applied for the membership:) It's good to know there are other fighters against the red skin syndrome. I read your blog and I feel that I genuinely understand what you are going through. I hope both of us recover soon. Thanks a lot for the information:)

  2. Hey Tommy, great blog.

    You don't have to do this alone anymore. We are here for you!

    I find your comments about Dr Sato fascinating. I wish I could read his book, but i suppose it is only available in Japanese! Could you share some extracts with us via your blog please?

  3. Hello Louise, thank you for your comment :) Aww it's nice of you to say that, I feel very encouraged having fellow fighters like you.
    Yes, I'm afraid that Dr.Sato's book is only out in Japanese. I will translate some useful parts and post here after reading the book again this week:) I read your latest post on your blog, it looks like you are definitely on a right path towards healing. x


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